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Formal Debate # 1

As part of the debate_potter community, it is my intention to start a formal debate here once a week. I was intending on posting it yesterday, but our area has had some trouble with power.

The debate is open to all members, and serious points of view are most welcome. If you have a debate topic for a future debate, e-mail the community at

Rules for debate
1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so don't bring people down.
2. If you wish to make a statement, or arguement, back it up with opinion. Don't just say 'Snape is stupid.' Give reason why you think so.
3. Again, just have fun.

I figured I'd get this topic out of the way, as it is still fresh in everyone's mind, and very important to many fans (and many characters in the book as well.) Besides, it's already been brought up, and I figured that you might as well just get it out now, so we can start with other topics.

Oh, and if you haven't read OotP, this spoiler will /not/ be LJ-cutted. It's time to start discussing it.

Formal Debate Topic: Sirius's Death
How do you feel the death scene was written? How will this death affect the characters at a later date? Why was this character introduced if he was just killed off...etc. WHAT ARE YOUR FEELINGS!

Debate begins now.

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