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Harry Debates
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This community, debate_potter was created to give a place for the serious fans of Harry Potter to come and debate the inner meanings, the future, the themes, characters, and other related things in the insanely popular series created by J.K Rowling.

The books, as many know, have a very large fanbase. There are also varying levels of fans. With all respect to the fanbase, many things have erupted over the years since the first book's release in 1997, that have been...not quite cannon. Of course, this is refering to many Slash and non-slash relationships, and fan-girlish-ness that has taken over.

Are you sick of reading nothing but Draco/Hermione, Harry/Snape fanfiction? Are you tired of talking with friends that have nothing more interesting to talk about then how great Draco would look in leather pants? The this community is listening!

This community will debate, discuss and just generally talk about things related to character development, the future, and theme. Inner meanings, the name-game, and other important facts.

Alas, some rules apply.

1. No fangirlish-ness (first and foremost)
2. Discussion topics may not refer to character relationships, unless they are considered cannon. IE. Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione are cannon. Draco/Hermione is not.
3. This community is not for the posting of news (movie news, pictures, etc.)
4. Comparisons are welcome. (Comparing movie-books, character-character, etc).
5. Discussion of fanfiction is welcome, if the story is seriously related to the books. IE, is non-slash, non-humour, non-songfic. Lori's Paradigm of Uncertainy is an excellent example of great fanfiction.
6. Have fun.

The moderator of this community is bohemrev if you have any questions on how this community is run, or have suggestions to how to start debates, please, feel free to connact me.

Once a week, I intend to start a formal debate. If you wish to send a topic, contact the community's e-mail or comment in the mod's LJ

The community's e-mail is debate_potter@hotmail.com
Drop it a line. :D