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Formal Debate #2

It's time for our next formal debate! As before, participation is most welcome.

The debate is open to all members, and serious points of view are most welcome. If you have a debate topic for a future debate, e-mail the community at

Rules for debate
1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so don't bring people down.
2. If you wish to make a statement, or arguement, back it up with opinion. Don't just say 'Snape is stupid.' Give reason why you think so.
3. Again, just have fun.

This topic is one that is always really fun to discuss with people, because alot of people have different opinions (myself included) on what it might mean in the rest of the series.

Formal Debate Topic: The Unforgivable Curses
Mind Control, Pain and Death. Perform one, and its Azkaban for you. Harry himself has now cast Crucitus. What does this mean in the future? Will he do it again? Will others perform them? Who will be the next victims? Is Avada Kedavra Voldemort's fate?

What's your opinion on the terrible trio, and Harry's act in OotP?

Debate begins now. Have at you.

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